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Predeparture Information


Please check your passport expiration, all passports should be valid for more than six months from the date of return.

At the airport

Check in : Please assemble at the stipulated airline checkin row 2 hours (2.5 hours for USA tour groups) prior departure. Passenger must be punctual as any delay may hold up the entire group's departure.

Identification : Please tag your bags using Neo luggage tag/sticker.

Baggage Allowance

You are allowed a maximum of 20 kg of checkin luggage.

For Europe and USA Tours, you are allowed to bring on board a maximum of 100ml of fluid.

Baggage Allowance are subject to changes without prior notice if the respective country deem necessary.

Airport taxes and Flight Insurance

Usually airport taxes are precollected upon tour reservation, however taxes and flight insurance are subject to changes prior to departure.


Casual wear and comfortable walking shoes are recommended. When visiting a casino, formal attire is required. Keep a jacket or sweater handy in the event of cool weather. Thermal wear and woolen sweater are required for winter months. Do bring along a foldable umbrella for unexpected weather change.

Custom Restriction

Edible items must be declared; fruits and meat products are strictly prohibited. Medicines should be labeled and milk powder for minors must be in a sealed tin and declared.

Custom restrictions are subject to changes without prior notice if the respective country deem necessary


Aircondition is not always available in certain season and region. Some farm stays are based on multisharing.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend all passengers to purchase insurance prior departure, as medical expenses are costly in overseas and also to cover any loss of baggage, flight delay, illness etc.

Flight reconfirmation

Return flight with group will be reconfirm by the tour manager, otherwise refer to tour manager for contacts of airlines.

Checking into hotels

When checking into hotel rooms, follow these guidelines:

  • Look behind the curtains, in closets, under the bed while the door is open, if the bellman cannot escort you.
  • Before unpacking, review the emergency exit procedures. Know where the nearest fire escape is.
  • Keep your keys, flashlight, glasses at your bedside when you sleep.
  • When you order a pizza or expect a package from a messenger, have it delivered to the front desk, not your room.
  • Put your last name and only the first initial of your name on doorknob menus or health club sign-up sheet.

When you leave the room

  • Secure all valuables in safe deposit at front desk if you do not have one in your room.
  • If you are leaving particularly expensive items in the main hotel safe, get a signed receipt.
  • When you go out to dinner, leave the lights and TV on and put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on your door.
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