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10D Relaxing Beijing&Shanghai;Vibrant World Expo

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(Stay in 4-star Chang’an West Beijing Holiday Inn or Equivalent)

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Beijing. Upon arrival, proceed to tour the interior of Beijing National Stadium, one of the main venues of Beijing Olympic Games 2008, also known as “Bird’s Nest” and view the external façade of the National Aquatics Centre also known as “Water Cube”. Next, enjoy the foot reflexology and after dinner processed to Beijing’s “Orchard Road”, Wangfujing Shopping Street to shop for fashion and accessories.

Note: If you arrive in Beijing in the morning, lunch will be included

Meals On Board and Dinner


(Stay in 4-star Chang’an West Beijing Holiday Inn or Equivalent)

After breakfast, visit the Forbidden City. Once home to emperors, it is the largest and most complete palace existing in China and the largest in the world today, filled with magnificent buildings, pavilions and pagodas. Then continue to visit the world-famous Tiananmen Square where Chairman Mao stood and proclaimed the founding of the People’s Republic of China in1949. In its vicinity are sights like the Monument to the People Heroes, Tiananmen Gate, and the Great Hall of the People, Mao Zedong Mausoleum, the National History Museum and more. Next, proceed to Tong Ren Tang which is a famous old pharmacy of Beijing with more than 300 years of history. Thereafter, enjoy a tricycle sight-seeing tour of Beijing Hutongs to view traditional alleys and courtyards at the old streets of Beijing. During the tour, you will step into centuries old courtyards and learn more about the daily lives of Beijing people. Next, head  to Tea House. ead  to Tea House.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


(Stay in 4-star Chang’an West Beijing Holiday Inn or Equivalent)

After breakfast, visit the Jade Center, Continue coach to the Great Wall of China which stretches across Northern China for 6,100 kilometres. Set amidst valleys and mountainous area, the arduous construction of the Great Wall of China’s can be felt in every step of the way. You will ascend the Great Wall at Juyong Pass. Next, proceed to the world’s best-preserved Ming Tombs at the foot of Tianshou Hill which comprise the royal tombs of 13 Ming emperors. Visit Dingling Mausoleum, the tomb of the 13th Emperor Zhu Xiejun (BC 1563 to 1620) and his 2 empresses and explore the 27-metre deep underground royal palace. Thereafter, head to Yashow Clothing Market to shop for the latest fashion and accessories at great bargains. Then, experience the lifestyle of the rich in the Ming and Qing period by heading to the Grand Theatre Building to savour traditional and authentic Beijing cuisines as you enjoy Chinese Kunqu opera.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


(Stay in 4-star Chang'an West Beijing Holiday Inn or Equivalent) After breakfast, visit the Summer Palace, the top of the 4 most celebrated gardens in China, also Known as Empress Dowager Cixi's own imperial garden. It is modelled after the blueprint of Hangzhou's scenic West Lake. It is the best-preserved imperial garden in the world and one of the largest of its kind still in existence in China today. The palace features hundreds of architecturally distinct buildings, halls, pavilions, pagodas, bridges and corridors dispersed among magnificent and elegant gardens. Enjoy a boat ride on Kunming Lake*.Next visit Pixiu. Continue to the Temple of Heaven Park, the largest temple complex in China. This was where the Ming and Qing emperors prayed to the heavens for peace, prosperity and good harvests for the country. At night, enjoy a spectacular and poetic dance performance, "The Golden Mask Dynasty" which tells the legendary story about China. Note:*The boat ride on Kunming Lake will be changed to a visit of the new Beijing Summer Palace during the winter months from November to March.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


(Stay in 4-star Chang'an West Beijing Holiday Inn or Equivalent) After breakfast, head to Chengde and visit the Summer Palace where emperors from the ancient Qing dynasty spent their summers to escape the summer heat in Beijing. Chengde Summer Palace is the largest surviving royal garden in China, occupying an area of 564,000 square metres, even bigger than the Summer Palace in Beijing. It is split into two distinct areas, the sweeping summer palace, and the surrounding scenic area. The Chengde Summer Palace is where the emperors handled state affairs and presided over banquets and festivals. The real beauty is found in the scenic area, which includes the popular lake district, plains district and the mountainous district. Explore the lake district which is home to a collection of fishing villages and the popular Rehe springs and the plains district which is a model of Mongolian grasslands. Board an eco friendly electric buggy and be driven along the sides of Yan Sai Lake. You can ascend the Golden Mountain Pavilion to have a bird's eye view of the entire summer palace or go up to the Yan Yu Tower, the filming site of "Princess Huan Zhu", located in the middle of the lake. Then head to Rehe, the world's shortest river streams, before proceeding to Ten Thousand Trees Garden. You will be enamored by the beauty of the vast grasslands and white Mongolian yurts.


(Stay in 4-star Chang'an West Beijing Holiday Inn or Equivalent) After breakfast, enjoy a ride on the Beijing-Tianjin Inter-city Railway to Tianjin. Upon arrival, visit the famous Tianjin Drum Tower Street and Tianjin Food Street where you can savour a wide variety of Tianjin cuisines. You will get to savour the famous Tianjin Goubuli Buns. Coach back to Beijing. Note: The arrangement for the ride on the Beijing-Tianjin Inter-city Railway may vary in lieu of circumstances. If there are changes, you will coach to Tianjin and then return to Beijing by the inter-city railway.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


(Stay in 4-star Shanghai Yafan Fengshang Hotel or Equivalent) After breakfast, depart for Shanghai by flight. Upon arrival, Continue to Silk Centre to learn more about the techniques of pulling silk from silkworms, silk production and exquisite double sided embroidery and proceed to visit Shanghai Bund. Take a leisurely cruise on Huangpu River and be captivated by the charms of Shanghai.

Breakfast and Dinner


(Stay in 4-star Shanghai Yafan Fengshang Hotel or Equivalent) Morning, visit Shanghai World Expo. World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is the occasion for China to bring the world at home, and for the world to feel at home in China. By dedicating a 5.28-square-kilometer area at the core of the city to exhibitions, events and forums on the Expo theme, "Better City, Better Life," Shanghai hopes to build a powerful and lasting pilot example of sustainable and harmonious urban living. Note: 1.Dep during 1Mar-30Apr & 21Oct-31Dec: Visit Lupu Bridge, Just like the "crown" on the top of the bridge, the viewing platform is a prime spot for view the past, present and future of the site of World Expo 2010, as the bridge is situated on the site's central axle. You will take the high-speed transparent elevator up to the main deck of the bridge, walk up the steps of the pathway along the arch rib, reaching the viewing platform about the size of a basketball field at top of the 100-meter high arch rib, and taking in the breath-taking scenery of the Huangpu River. After that, proceed to Jinxi Water Village. City of more than 2000 years of history and culture, the Jinxi Water Village is one of the four Pearls of Jiangsu. With its smooth shimmer of the stream throughout the entire village, the water village presents a picturesque sight. 2.Dep during 1May-20Oct:: Visit Shanghai World Expo. If due to government in public management can not visit the Shanghai World Expo,it will be replace by Lupu Bridge and Jinxi watery town.

Breakfast and Dinner


(Stay in 4-star Shanghai Yafan Fengshang Hotel or Equivalent) Enjoy a day of leisure exploring this wonderful and amazing city.



After breakfast, head to the Chenghuangmiao Shopping Area, a leisure and shopping hotspot with restaurants, cafes, shops, street stalls and old architecture galore. Today, you will enjoy Shanghainese cuisines. Continue visit the Crystal Center. If time permits, you can do some last-minute shopping before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Meals On Board and Breakfast

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  • -Final itinerary by local tour operator will be deemed accurate. 2.Sequence and timings of itinerary are subject to change without prior notice.3.
  • Additional Tour : Shanghai RMB300 per person: 1.Shanghai International brand outlets. 2. Shanghai XinTian Di; 3. Huaihai shopping road; 4.Taobaocheng; 5.Dongjiadu Fabric Market; 6. One additional Meal. Beijing RMB$280 per person: 1.Legendary martial arts performance, 2.Shopping at Xiushui Street and Night Tour, 3.The Place Shopping Mall to view the biggest LED screen in Asia.
Updated on: 03 May 2010


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